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Salamandras Invicta

Novo filme publicitário Invicta aquece

Descubra novos filmes Invicta.

Salamandras Invicta

Em destaque as salamandras a pellets fabricadas pela conceituada marca francesa de salamandras e recuperadores de calor, nosso fornecedor.

Texto do Video
Invicta, French foundry and enamel plant is implanted since 1924 at Donchery in the region Champagne-Ardenne.
280 persons contribute to the success of Invicta, alchemy of know-how and talent.
The creativity and the technological innovations of Invicta perpetuate and renew the universe of the foundry.
Today, its know-how extends in various sectors : wood heating apparels, barbecues, cookware, decoration, & furniture…
With an annual volume of 170 000 wood-burning apparels, Invicta is the European leader in its activity.
Invicta controls inside the company 100% of the manufacturing process : design department, laboratory, plant, surface treatment, marketing and distribution.